GYN Information

Our goal is to provide the most careful, thoughtful and innovative gynecology care available. About 50% of our practice is devoted to gynecology; the other 50% is of course obstetrical care. One of the wonderful things about being a gynecologist is that you are able to care for women of all ages. We know that it is a privilege to care for you and that this is often a dreaded visit for many women, so if we can do anything to make you more comfortable, please let us know.

To keep your care as personal as possible, our practice is comprised of smaller physician/nurse teams who act as separate practices under one roof. Consistency and accountability are increased when there are fewer people taking care of you. For after hours care, an on-call system is used between the physicians to give us time with our families. Also, if immediate assistance is needed, another nurse or physician may provide care for you if your regular team is unavailable.

Below is a list of documents pertaining to our GYN practice. You may click on the link to view online. You may also click on the link to open the document in Microsoft Word or the link to view as an Adobe PDF.

Initial Paperwork

If you would like to fill out your initial paperwork at home, please download the following forms and bring them to the office prior to your visit. We update the patient registration form annually. Fill out the health history form only if you are new to our practice.

New Patient – GYN Health History & Registration | PDF
Established Patient – GYN Health History & Registration | PDF


• Instructions for Birth Control Pills | View | PDF


• Vaginitis | View | PDF
• Vaginal Yeast Infections | View | PDF

Urinary Incontinence

• Stress Incontinence | View | PDF


• Post-Operative Instructions for Laparoscopy, Tubal Ligation, Laser Laparoscopy | View | PDF
• Post-Operative Instructions for D&C, Hysteroscopy, or Endometrial Ablation | View | PDF
• Post-Operative Instructions for Hysterectomy | View | PDF