OB Information

Below is a list of documents pertaining to our OB practice. You may click on the link to view online. You may also click on the link to open the document in Microsoft Word or the link to view as an Adobe PDF.

Initial Paperwork

If you would like to fill out your initial paperwork at home, please download the following forms and bring them to the office prior to your visit. We update the patient registration form annually. Fill out the health history form only if you are new to our practice.
• OB Health History & Registration | PDF

Congratulations! General Information

• Welcome to Ob-Gyn Associates | PDF
• Approved Over the Counter Medications in Pregnancy | PDF

First Trimester

• Genetic Testing In Pregnancy | PDF
• Cystic Fibrosis Screening | PDF

Second Trimester

• Child Birth Class Info | View | PDF

Third Trimester and Delivery

• So You Think You’re In Labor | PDF
• Group B Strep in Pregnancy  | PDF


• Breastfeeding | PDF

3D/4D Fetal

• 3D/4D Fetal Portraits | PDF