The following links have reliable information. If we discussed these sites during your visit to the office, please look for the keywords we suggested.

Electronic Medical Records (EMC)

• EMC Patient Portal | View Site

General Ob/Gyn Information

• Flagler Hospital | View Site
• ACOG – American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists | View Site
  • U. S. National Library of Medicine | View Site


• Contraceptive patch | View Site
• Contraceptive vaginal ring | View Site
• Mirena IUD | View Site

Domestic Violence

• The Betty Griffin House | View Site

Emergency Contraception

• The Emergency Contraception | View Site

Endometrial Ablation

• Novasure Procedure | View Site


• Endometriosis Research Center | View Site

Laser Hair and Vein Removal

• Candela Corporation | View Site

Midwife Obstetrics information

• Got Mom| View Site
• My Midwife | View Site

Prescription Cost Help

• Together Rx Access | View Site

Psychiatric and Counselling Services

• Psychological Services of St. Augustine, Inc. | View Site


• Essure Permanent Birth Control | View Site

Stress Urinary Incontinence

• Johnson & Johnson GATEWAY – GYNECARE TVT | View Site

Substance Abuse/Crisis counseling

• Epic Community Services | View Site